Tianjin International Medical Rehabilitation  Center is  to  take First teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM as a heavy stockholder. It is established by investment of the stock system in order to carry forward TCM, develop the integrated superiority of TCM and WM, offers people at home  and  abroad the special quality service of convalescence and medicine and goes on the development and research of recovery medical technique.
TIANJIN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL REHABILITATION CENTER   Tianjin  International  Medical Rehabilitation Center  is  an  important  part of  modern  group development of First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM taking medicine as a center, It was  fermented  from  1996  when the hospital was renewing  and  reforming itself,  investing  more money  to  increase  the  sickbeds  and  advanced medical  instruments   for  the  better  medical service, which also could not meet the patient's needs  on  varying  levels.  It  is  why  Tianjin International Medical Rehabilitation Center  has been established.
   It is located on the northwest corner of the hospital,  Its  total  area  is 22.380 square meters.  The highness  is 49.95 meters.  Its main part of building  is a modern comprehensive structure.  There is one floor on the underground and there are fifteen floors  on the ground and there are seventeen floors on the local part. They are connected with the in-patient Dept. of the hospital through the passageway of the second floor. Its whole is an oblong shape and makes the profile of the mansion rich in change, be well-arranged through the arc verticality. It complements each other with the original building shape of the hospital.leading group is young and strong
   In the rehabilitation center,  there  is  the comprehensive medical system, composed mainly of acupuncture and moxibustion, Tuina and orthopedics, and  the  first-class  service.  The  medicine , rehabilitation ,  recreation and inter related corollary facilities arc incorporated inside the large building. The high-level installation and rational distribution compose the modern recovery medical facilities. There are clinics, therapeutic clinics, medical and technical offices, pharmacy, bath center including the medical bath, the cerebral and common surgery operating rooms, and ICU ward on the first and second floor, the administrative offices, meeting rooms on the fifth floor, two big classrooms for lectures on the top floor, the supermarket, bar and KTV facilities for drinking, recreation and shopping on the underground. On the other floors, there are ordinary and high-level wards. Their total is 240 suites, 650 sickbeds, the standard wards (3-4 sickbeds) are 183 sets. The first-class ward with two rooms is 51 suites and that with three rooms is 6 suites. All of the rooms are equipped with the washroom, TV, telephone and the furniture. The first-class ward with three rooms is equipped with network computer terminator for the service of the net play to meet the need of the patients on the different ranks.
   The equipped facilities of the building are advanced and complete ,  in which ,  there are three elevators  (one for the patients, two for visitors) , center air-conditioning system , stored  program  controlled  electronic  telephone  switching  system , centralized system of offering oxygen , including  the  negative adsorption system . Each ward is assembled with the satellite aerials, comprehensive wiring network, each sick section is fitted with the calling system , and  each  sickbed is equipped with the circuit hanging stands for the transfusion to offer the patients a happy and comfortable circumstances.
   As the national first- class medical recovery organization, the international convalescent center applies the efficient and simple administration, and sets up three departments of the medicine, nurse and administration. In the Medical Dept., there are some clinical sections of acupuncture  and  moxibustion , orthopedics , Tuina , cerebral  surgery  and  heart  surgery, rehabilitation center etc., concentrating the cream of traditional recovery skill of TCM and advanced diagnostic means of W.M. 350 staffs are disposed in the center, among which, senior administrative personnel are 24 , doctors are 116 , nurses are 210 . The disposition of  the personnel  is  more  reasonable , so  that  the initiative of each staff member can be enough aroused to offer the patients the medical health service of all-round way , high quality and efficiency.